Zeroflex Industries is the NZ leader in automotive electronics and accessories. We distribute the world's leading car audio brands through an extensive dealer network NZ wide. That's why all the best brands choose Zeroflex Industries.

Zeroflex is always on top of the latest trends in car audio and import the very best products from Japan, Italy, England and America. If it's average, then we don't stock it. We are all about having the best products at the best prices and it's that ideology that has made our company grow from strength to strength.

Zeroflex have over 200 different products (and growing) all warehoused in Auckland and ready for dispatch. OEM integration, Navigation, SPL, SQ and accessories - we have you covered from bumper to bumper. Now if all that wasn't enough, the one thing that sets Zeroflex apart from all other car audio wholesalers in Australasia is, we have in-house CNC laser cutting machines to custom make parts for cars or displays for your shop. So if you want to update your shop, or you are building a custom car then get in touch and we would be happy to assist in any project you have on the go.

Sub Distributor for NZ

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